Natural Body Products Inspired By Your Favorite Cocktails

We’ve all had that experience of going to drug store and desperately trying to find a body wash to help clear our blemished skin. Or maybe you love using perfume or cologne, but hate that overwhelming chemical stench that’s all over your skin? Either way, chemical filled products from the store are sometimes not so effective at getting results. At worst, though, this stuff we buy can actually be harmful to our skin and overall well being.

That’s why my family started Behind The Sangria. BTS is a lifestyle brand that crafts homemade all natural body products that are inspired by our favorite drinks. It’s as simple as that. From the Grapefruit Mimosa Elixir Spray to the Dark ‘n’ Stormy Sugar Scrub, BTS aims to make your life better with a natural burst of excitement.

The concept for this brand all started when my mother Julie was making her own bathroom scrubs with honey and sea salt (now our Old Fashioned Sugar Scrub), and the rest of us made fun of her for putting food on her face. That was over five years ago. Slowly but surely, my whole family started using the honey and sea salt everyday in the shower, followed by a nice toner of apple cider vinegar (our lovely Appletini Facial Toner). We’ve all seen incredible results – from glowing and supple skin to those tingly exfoliation feelings.

After going through a year of personal tragedies in our own family, we wanted to share with the world something that always brought us joy – organic body care. It’s a simple change to the daily routine to replace those chemical products, but one that can leave you feeling healthier and better off in the long run. We post regularly what fun bazaars and events we’ll be working at, but you can always visit us on FacebookInstagram, or BehindTheSangria.Com.

Whenever you try one of our products, it will hopefully contribute to that Happy Hour 24/7 mindset in all of us! Cheers!