Recipe: Frozen Candy Cane Cocktails!


I know that people don’t typically reach for a frozen blended drink in the winter… and to that I say, why not?! You’re warm in your sweater, your fire is burning merrily in the hearth, why not bust out your blender and pretend you’re on vacation instead of dead in the middle of winter?


The candy cane cocktail makes a lovely addition to your holiday cocktail party or just a nice treat after a long day. 

Start by crushing up a few candy canes in a sandwich bag. 

Pour the candy cane crumbs into a small a small dish, and then squeeze fresh lemon juice into a separate dish. 

Prepare your glasses by dipping the edges into the lemon juice and then into the crushed candy canes so that they stick to the glass. 

Set the glasses off to the side and then make the two different layers for the drink. 

In one blender pour frozen cranberries, peppermint schnapps or peppermint vodka, ice and cranberry (or raspberry/strawberry juice, for a sweet drink). In another blender (or the same one just rinsed off), pour the lemonade concentrate, club soda, and ice. Blend both until smooth. 

Pour into the prepared glasses, alternating between the two, to create a layered candy cane look. 

Serve your candy cane cocktail with a straw and a small candy cane garnish. Enjoy!